Pleased to meet you…

My name is Melissa Blaustein and I am a marathon swimmer and self proclaimed Amy Hiland enthusiast. I’m new to swimming and to athleticism in general, with the only sports on my record little league softball from ages 6-13 and one semester of freshman volleyball at Redwood High School. I was never on any swim team at any age, until February of 2016 when at the age of 27, I joined North Bay Aquatics, and the South End Rowing Club. 

Thanks to encouragement from an incredible community of marathon swimmers, amazing coaches and a welcoming group of friends that feel like family I quickly became addicted to the open water and the challenge of long distance cold water marathon swimming.

On dry land, I am the founder of a global advocacy organization called Allied for Startups that represents startups in policy and government. I also serve as the Director of International Advocacy at the Fuel Freedom Foundation where I manage the non-profit’s digital program and its Chair on Global Energy and Social Development in Africa.