Amy's Swims

Huntingon Beach to Long Beach (c. 1954) 
Salton Sea (c. 1954) 
Catalina Channel (c. 1958 traditional route)
San Juan de Fuca Strait (c. 1957)
Catalina island to Long Beach (record breaking swim 24 + hours, c. 1958) age 37
Bremerton to Alki Beach (Puget Sound) (c. 1958)

Planned but never completed:

Nanaimo BC to Vancouver BC
Roundtrip English channel

Melissa's Swims

Club to Anita Rock (April, 2016) 
Five Coves of Death (May, 2016)
Width of Lake Tahoe (September 2016)
ATT Park to Anita Rock (April 2017)
Bay to Breakers (May 2017)
Wharf to Wharf (May 2017) 

Amy Hiland Swim - Bremerton to Alki Beach (July, 2017)
San Juan de Fuca Strait (September, 2017) 
English Channel (June 2018)

Huntington Beach to Long Beach (2018)
Nanaimo BC to Vancouver BC (2018)